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What are your thoughts on the use of AI in WordPress?

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    • Shahidul IslamShahidul Islam

      rtificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly changing the world around us, and WordPress is no exception. AI-powered plugins and themes are making it easier than ever for WordPress users to create and manage their websites, and to deliver a better user experience for their visitors

    • MilkThatShakeMilkThatShake

      This post seems written by AI… you forgot to copy and paste the “A” in Artificial!

      I believe AI will play a tremendous role in making copywriting more accessible to small-medium businesses. I have been able to build new products in a few months – it would have taken me years with ChatGPT.

      It has its place in WordPress and we have to embrace it, or lose to competitor businesses.

    • Aster NathanAster Nathan

      Since it’s inception, AI is seen as a tool that can take over Human Intelligence, and only the people who work around and understand AI can actually clarify how AI is just used to replicate the Human Intelligence and not actually take over it. Within the WordPress services and WordPress organization, individuals who use AI for assistance and understand it’s place as an intelligent co-worker and it will last within this business for a number of years as WordPress being open source and dynamic, many businesses in the near future will need assistance from it through the development of Page Layout to Page Design to Page Functionality as it is different for each business niche, AI has a lot of Pros when it comes to assisting People who are new within the WordPress community. And the current community need to evolve along with AI as it is beneficial in the long run.

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