WordPress Accessibility Day 2022 Publishes Speaker Lineup

WordPress Accessibility Day is just one week away on November 2-3, and registration is still open. Co-lead organizer Amber Hinds published an impressive speaker lineup with 40 speakers from 14 countries. She also noted that 40% of the event’s sessions have at least one speaker who identifies as living with a disability.

WordPress professionals who want to learn more about creating accessible websites will want to attend, as the schedule is loaded with a wealth of educational presentations from well-known accessibility experts. Co-lead organizer Joe Dolson will start with opening remarks, followed by the keynote session from Nicolas Steenhout, an accessibility consultant and host of the A11y Rules Podcast.

The 24-hour event will include practical sessions on Selling Accessibility to Skeptical Clients, Meeting WCAG 2 without rebuilding from scratch, and When and How to Write Alternative Text.

Gary Aussant, Director of Digital Accessibility Consulting at Perkins Access, and Stephen Plummer, Creative Manager at the Perkins School for the Blind, will be presenting a session titled “Proof: Accessible websites can be beautiful too” that will debunk some of the common myths about accessible websites. They plan to show real examples of modern and engaging sites that also work well for screen readers, keyboard users, and sighted users.

Full-stack developer Nikole Garcia and Annie Heckel, Electronic Information Technology Accessibility Manager at Cornell University, will give a session on Developing Accessibility-First WordPress Themes.

Check out the schedule to browse the rest of the lineup and add the sessions you want to attend to your calendar. Registration is free and the event will be live streamed via YouTube with closed captions.


One response to “WordPress Accessibility Day 2022 Publishes Speaker Lineup”

  1. I just checked the schedule, that’s a very rich lineup! I’m happy to see so many different people with different subjects. “The Alt Scene: When and How to Write Alternative Text” would be of particular interest to me. People have different ideas on how to write alt texts and sometimes you can find opposing approaches.


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